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Imagine Beyond Boundaries Hand-lettered Wallpaper (Freebie)

By 5/10/2015 04:13:00 PM , , ,

Hi everyone! Yesterday I was practicing hand-lettering for the very first time. Using a paintbrush and ink, I filled about 8 pages of a notebook. One of them was something inspiring so I turned it into a wallpaper.

Download it in the following available sizes:

iPad (2048x2048)
iPhone (1608x852):
iMac (2560x1440)
Macbook (1366x798):

Due to many models of the iPhones, iPads, iPods and Macs, you'll need some scaling or resizing when applying these wallpapers. If you want it for any other device, download it in the most appropriate size for your device and then scale and crop it. If you want it in a higher resolution let me know. I hope you liked these.

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  1. These are great! You really hand lettered them yourself? I keep seeing the hand lettering online and I really want to give it a try... it looks so pretty masha'Allah!

    1. Yes Autumn, these are hand lettered by me, it is very easy and simple! Thank you very much for your appreciation by the way!