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DIY Custom iPhone Case

By 11/02/2014 06:15:00 PM , ,

Hi everyone after a long time! Today I am finally posting a tutorial about something I made long ago, so there are very few pictures of it. Long ago, I was really wanting to replace my boring solid black case with something trendy. I searched the web and found numerous tutorials. All of them either consisted of a clear case (which I didn't had) in order to change the designs constantly or either an opaque case for a permanent design. I wanted something in which I could use an opaque case for changing the designs whenever I wanted. So this idea came into my mind.


Permanent Markers
Masking Tape
A Case (a hard shell is better)
A Phone
Clear top-coat nail polish or a clear sealer spray

How to make:

1. Cover the whole case with a single layer of masking tape. The number of strips will alter according to the wideness of the tape. Try not to overlap, it'll not look nice. If you have an iPhone 4 or later you can just cover the plain smooth back, it's not necessary to cover the sides. Fold and stick the excess tape on the inside. Cut some the excess tape if it's too much.

2. Poke a sharp object in the camera hole with tape on it and carefully fold the torn tape in the inside of the hole. Doodle any pattern on the masking tape with your marker.

3. Paint a layer of the clear nail polish top-coat or spray the clear sealer.

4. Snap the case on your phone and it's ready to go!

The best thing about it is that I can peel the tape off whenever I want and it never leaves behind any residue on the case. If peeled off carefully, the tape can be re-used to! It was unexpectedly chic-looking! Stay tuned for more!

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