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Kawaii Wall Art

By 5/29/2014 02:13:00 PM , ,

Hi everybody! This is my first picture tutorial. If you want your walls to look cute, then make this cute DIY Wall Art!


1 Pink fomic sheet, 1 White fomic sheet and 1 Green or any other colored fomic sheet. Prefer black if you don't want to use black permanent marker.
1 Compass (drafting) or any circular object with desired diameter.
1 Black Permanent Marker (if you are not using a black fomic sheet)
A Pencil.
Mounting tape (not pictured)
Clear glue (not pictured)

How to make:

1. Draw 2 circles using a compass or a circular object of desired diameter on the green fomic sheet. Just keep that in mind that the size should be big enough that it could be seen from far away.

2. Cut the circles out.

3. Now color them black using the black permanent marker. Skip this step if you are using a black fomic sheet.

4. Now draw the smile. Cut it out. Color it black as well.

5. Now draw two smaller circles on the white fomic sheet. Cut these out.

6. Now use clear glue to stick the white circles on the black ones. Stick each on the upper left side of the black circle.

7. Now draw the bow on the pink fomic sheet and cut it out.

8. Now cut place small pieces of mounting tape. Place them in the following manner:

9. Now paste all the pieces on the wall and voila it's done.

I hope you liked this tutorial. Stay tuned for more!

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