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Hi everybody! I am Amna Ateef. I am 15 years old and I am a high school student who is obsessed with crafting , music (, tech (Quora) and photography (Flickr/craftgawker). I also have an interest in reading something knowledgeable, doing some graphic designing (Behance/Dribbble) and traveling. I also mix and create music in free time (SoundCloud/Myspace). I am from Pakistan.  This my first blog, it's all about crafting and things related to it. On this blog I would be posting my DIY craft ideas and tutorials. There might be some inspired projects as well. I will try my best to provide the credits to the original creators from whom I was inspired from. I am not good at sewing or knitting at all, so don't expect any such projects from me. And yeah I don't post very often because I have a busy schedule even during the vacations.

I have also started writing posts on BuzzFeed Community. Until now I have only written one and it got featured. It actually got on the website's front page! The very next day!
I hope now you know much about me and this blog ;) You can find additional information about my photography and the blog's photos on this page. You can find additional information about my graphic designing and this blog's design story on this page.

Originally posted on 5/27/14, 5:08 PM (GMT: +5)