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DIY Laptop Stickers/Decoration

By 1/08/2015 01:51:00 PM , ,

Hi! From some months I am finding my laptop boring. It's new but plain black in color with somewhat a snake skin texture. I got it last year. So today nobody was at home, so I thought to do something. Then I got the same idea for my laptop which I got for my phone. Washi tape isn't available in my area so this the easiest way for me to decorate my laptop. My camera's battery was dead at the moment so pictures aren't good at all. All of them are taken with my iPad and you know the camera is just... Let's just start.


Masking Tape
Permanent marker (I used black)
Pencil (Optional)
Top coat transparent nail polish or sealer spray

How to make:

1. Cut the tape according to the vertical length of your laptop.

2. Paste it and check it if it's ok. Trim the excess.

3. Take it off and paste it on a smooth flat surface. Start drawing your pattern with permanent marker. I drew an irregular zig zag pattern, somewhat chevron. Use a pencil if you are unsure.

4. Coat it with the clear nail polish or the spray. Spray is better because nail polish might cause the marker ink to bleed (happened with me).

5. Paste the tape on your laptop and that's it. Remember to take it off after some period of time (e.g. after a month) because it may start to look dirty.

I made another design using the spray-paint lace technique. It takes time but the results are just awesome. These pictures were, finally, taken with my camera.

If more tape is used, this method could be used to make a laptop skin to. Thanks for reading and if you like it, please let me know in the comments.

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