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Hi everyone! Here is an another interview! She has a great personality and she has quite inspirational posts on her blog. It's Nicole Rose from Self Known! You can also take a view at the interview she took of me at her blog :)

So starting with the interview:

1. Introduce yourself and your blog.

Hello. :) I'm Nicole Rose (but you can call me Rosie). I am the teen blogger from Self Known, a writing/hobby blog that was first established back in November of 2012. On my site I post personal writings such as story bits and journal entries, helpful step-by-step instructions to help your blogging needs, and tips for engaging with your true and unique inner self. :)

I believe creative expression and self-knowledge are important things every person needs in order to live a fulfilling life. I own a web design shop and enjoy indulging myself with peanut butter cups as I work. I take enjoyment in word experimentation, dancing to crazy punk meets rock tunes and laughing so hard my stomach hurts.

2. What does your blog title mean and why do you think it's the perfect title for your blog?

My blog title, Self Known, stands for the journey I'm continuing to take as I get to get know myself. I think it's perfect for my blog, because as I go about my journey to self-love, expression and knowledge, I get the opportunity - through blogging - to help others on their journey as well.

3. Why did you started your blog? Were you inspired?

I was inspired by Liz from American Girl Fan to start my blog. Her content and community opened my eyes to the internet world, and showed me that it's possible to do anything with a blog.

4. What do you think are the pros and cons of blogging?

I think the cons to blogging are, if you want to be successful in it, you have to put a lot of time and effort into it. Which can be hard if you're a senior in a high school who already has so much to worry about. There's also the fact that some bloggers don't post unique content, because their eyes are only focused on the number of followers or page views they have (and yes, I used to be part of that, but I'm learning to turn away from it).

On the contrary, the pros are getting to connect with people due to your blog's reach. Creative self-expression is another pro. And you get to build a supportive community (or blogging family, as some would say) of readers who can encourage you while you encourage them. It's like a giant cycle of love.

5. What are your hobbies?

Reading, writing, doodling, designing/coding websites and belting out the lyrics to Adam Lambert songs when they come on Pandora. ;)

6. Do you think posting blog posts often is better than posting blog posts after long periods of time?

Yes, I think posting on your blog often is a lot better than posting after long periods of time. First, posting often grows your blog, because it doesn't keep your readers waiting. Second, when you post often, you give your readers another chance to share more of your fabulous content. And lastly, if shows your audience that you're capable of - which is creating unique and "devour-able" content on a regular basis.

7. Did you ever felt that you should stop blogging?

Oh yes. I've felt like stopping a lot, actually. Blogging can sometimes get a little discouraging, especially if you aren't receiving the results you want right away. But if you continue to push and build and grow - which takes some time - you will eventually meet your goals.

8. What's your main aim in blogging and your life?

I'd say my main aim for blogging is to grow my reader community significantly so I can reach more people. I'd also like to start earning money from blogging, so it can support me in the future.

My main aim for life is to grow. I want to become more. I want to seize all my days so that when I look back, I don't regret anything.

9. Any advice for the new and upcoming bloggers?

Always write unique content. Always. You have been gifted with an extravagant brain full of creative blog posts that are yours alone. Readers appreciate it when you write about things no one else addresses. It gets tiring seeing the same ol' same ol' going around. So break free of your unusual blogging cycle and write passionately (not because it attracts other humans to your work, but because doing what you love and loving what you do is fulfilling).


So here was the second interview.
You now know almost everything about her and you definitely know she is a great and an awesome personality. Do visit her blog and I have to tell you that she is extremely social and friendly, do befriend her!
Want to get interviewed to? Visit this page for more details.

P.S. I am really sorry to tell that I am very busy during these days. I am not able to keep up with my blog routine. Hope to see me in a month or so, till then bye! :)

Hi everyone! Finally I am hosting an interview with for the first time! She is a pretty sweet girl and she has quite cute posts on her blog. It's Aisyah Hana from Things & Others! You can also take a view at the interview she took of me at her blog :)
Check her instagram for a sneak peak into her life ;)

So starting with the interview:

1. Introduce yourself and your blog.

Hello! My name is Hana. I am from Indonesia. And I have a blog: Things & Others! It was born in 2014, as a new crafts and lifestyle blog

2. What does your blog title mean and why do you think it's the perfect title for your blog?

I think Things & Others means that this blog contains posts about this thing and that thing, so it's not a blog with only one topic. It fits my blog's theme! :D

3. Why did you started your blog? Were you inspired?

I started this blog because I wanted to share my ideas with the world. I was inspired by Emily's 'Crafty Girl' blog (now Emily Jane), because it's full of her ideas, etc.

4. What do you think are the pros and cons of blogging?

The pros are, you can share your ideas to many people easily, and you can find friends like you, and hear other people's opinion about you. The cons are, you have to share your personal information to other people, and sometimes, you can't be yourself. I live in a family that rarely supports participating in blogging, online shopping, online giveaways, and yeah, sometimes I feel like my whole family watching me when I promoting my posts or blog ... :I because it's not our 'tradition'... Hahaha!

5. What are your hobbies?

I like reading, watching movies, snail-mailing, listening to music, writing, making crafts, and playing with my cat :)

6. Do you think posting blog posts often is better than posting blog posts after long periods of time?

If the 'long period' is 1 or 2 weeks, I think it's okay, but if 3 months without any activity, well ... But I admit, sometimes my laziness strikes for about more than 2 months.

7. Did you ever felt that you should stop blogging?

Sometimes when I can't keep up, but some times later ... 'Oh wow, I want to write about this!' And ... New blog post!

8. What's your main aim in blogging and your life?

Blogging? I want to share my knowledge to people around the world and help with their problems, or make them happy :D and for my life, well, adventuring and searching for experiences that I can tell to everyone! :)

9.  Any advice for the new and upcoming bloggers?

Well, 'write things that inspire and help people'!


So here was the first interview. I have got a another one scheduled for June ;)
You now know almost everything about her and you definitely know she is awesome. Do visit her blog and I have to tell you that she is extremely social and friendly, do befriend her!
Want to get interviewed to? Visit this page for more details.
Hi! This tutorial basically teaches you how to use huge beads as earrings. You might chose any kind of beads apart from the faceted ones. Images are a bit blurry, sorry!


Wire (or head pins)
Earring hooks
Jump rings (optional)

How to make:

1. Use wire to create headpins or use pre-made ones. Cut the wire slightly larger than the bead and then loop it from the top.

2. Get at least two large beads and insert the wire into them. Bend the wire from the lower end of the bead.

3. Use jump rings or open the attaching loop of earring hooks to attach the beads and wire.

I hope this is a helpful tip to help you make great jewellery!
Hi! This tutorial is closely related to the elements of my previous tutorial: DIY Rope/Twine Tassel Necklace
The images are a bit blurry and were taken in low light! Sorry!


Wooden bead (optional)
Fur pom pom
Jump rings

How to make:

1. Pass some thread through the pom pom and attach a jump ring to it.

2. Attach the pom pom to the un-winded piece of twine/rope and make a knot.

3. Pass a wooden bead and make another knot. Use a safety pin or any other sharp object to help.

4. Create a tassel using unwinded twine/rope. 

5. Tie the twine with pom pom to the keyring. Attach the tassel with wire, chain and jump rings.

You can also use it as a tassel-only keychain:

I hope you liked this tutorial!
Hi! This is not a picture tutorial but I have written the instructions down.


Pom poms (I had 12)
Wooden dowel
Tape (optional)

How to make:

1. Take five pieces of thread and trim it in the way as done in the picture above.

2. Use a needle to pass the thread through the pom poms. 2 on the first and last thread, 2 (3 prefered) on the second and the second last thread and 4 on the middle one.

3. Tape or tie the pieces in the way shown in the picture above.

I hope this wall art makes a cute addition to your room!
Hi everyone! Yesterday I was practicing hand-lettering for the very first time. Using a paintbrush and ink, I filled about 8 pages of a notebook. One of them was something inspiring so I turned it into a wallpaper.

Download it in the following available sizes:

iPad (2048x2048)
iPhone (1608x852):
iMac (2560x1440)
Macbook (1366x798):

Due to many models of the iPhones, iPads, iPods and Macs, you'll need some scaling or resizing when applying these wallpapers. If you want it for any other device, download it in the most appropriate size for your device and then scale and crop it. If you want it in a higher resolution let me know. I hope you liked these.

Hi everyone! So starting with the tutorial: This is a pretty and a simple necklace you can make within minutes. It can match with almost every casual dress in your closet!


A wooden bead
Rope/Twine of about 2 feet
Thin wire of about 8 inches
Pre-made necklace chain
Extension Chain (optional)

How to make:

1. Unwind the rope/twine and start making a basic tassel with it. (I hope you know how to make it)

2. Form a loop with wire and attach it to a jumpring.

3. Form something like this with the wire to attach the tassel to the wooden bead.

4. After you are done attaching it with the chain, you might use an extension chain to make it longer, which I prefer.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more! Share and comment to let me know if you like it!

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Hi everyone! Today I am gonna show you how to make easy stamps using foamic sheets (a.k.a craft foam)! If you have nice cutting skills, you can cut out even more complex shapes. But if you are a beginner, you are good to go with basic shapes to!


Foamic Sheet (Craft foam)
Ink and a paintbrush (or a stamp/ink pad)

How to make:

1. Start drawing and cutting your desired shapes from the foamic sheet. Stick the shapes on the cardboard (mirrored if required). Cover the foam with ink.

3. Stamp! To achieve patterns, stamp in lines and in :-:-: pattern.

3. Use your stamps to decorate cards, tags, gifts, etc.

I hope you liked this tutorial! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more creations made using these stamps. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Hi everyone! Check out my first instructable!
It's an insanely easy pouch which you can make in no time. It's also perfect for beginners! I have rewritten the tutorial for the blog.

No-Sew Foam Pouch


Foamic sheets in desired color
White paint (optional, for decorating)
Stapler (with staples, of course)
Paintbrush (of course if paint is used)
Tape (optional, for decorating)

How to make:

1. Use a pencil and ruler to measure and to draw out the final shape of the pouch. If you are using a single large sheet, fold the sheet in half, so after cutting out you get two pieces.

2. Decorate it. I taped four stripes of tape at an equal distance and then I started painting the portion white. It took a bit of time to dry. Then I took off the tape. You can decorate it as you like.

3. Start stapling your pouch. Make sure that the the lower staples are close. The ones on the sides should be close to, but they are not as important as the lower ones are because most of the weight of your items in the pouch depends on them.
        Staple it up

That's it! You can use it to keep any light weighted item. It can also be used as a pouch for your phone.

Thank you for reading. I hope everyone will like and make sure to tell out your thoughts in the comments :) Good day!

Hi everyone! This is my second tutorial today. It's an anthro inspired one.

I saw this on Anthropologie's site for $48, the price goes up to $58:
Wire Script Sculpture

My version:


Wire Cutter
Paper (optional)
Pencil (optional)

How to make:

1. Take some thick wire. Mine was old and was kinda tarnished, you might wanna paint your's if it's new and isn't being much visible against your wall. Start bending the wire according to what you'll want it look like. To make it easier, write something on paper (in cursive writing) first and then follow the directions of the curves and letters. I altered the spelling of 'pretty' to 'preety' just for fun :D

2. Tie both ends with a long piece of thread and hang it. Thats it! You can also you use it as a jewelry display.

It's not hammered into the wall like the original, but it does look similar. I hope you liked this tutorial. Stay tuned for more and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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