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Scallop Wall Art

By 5/28/2014 11:36:00 AM , ,

Hi everybody! Today I am posting a tutorial. It is not a picture tutorial. I'll be posting picture tutorials after sometime.

Scallop Wall Art


2 or 3 paper sheets for each color (7 colors).
A Compass (drafting) or any circular object with a diameter of  about 2.5 inches.
 A base. I used a carton piece which measured 27x11.5 inches. 
A Pencil.
Glue. I used clear glue.
Mounting Tape.

How to make:

1. Use a compass or any circular object to draw circles with the following diameter. Draw maximum number of circles on every sheet. 

2. Cut the circles out.

3. Start pasting the circles on the lower edge of the base. Make sure that only half of the circle is pasted on   the base. The other half should come over the edge. You can also cut it away.

4. Form a pattern by overlapping the circles as shown:

5. Keep pasting the circles in the pattern until you cover the whole base.

6. Use mounting tape to paste it on the wall.

7. It's done! You can choose your own color scheme as well because this one is girly.

I hope you liked my tutorial. Because I am a new blogger, I posted this tutorial without step by step pictures. After sometime I'll be posting more interesting tutorials with pictures.

Update: This is what it looks like with all the those circles tucked behind.

Stay tuned for more!

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