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DIY Anthro Inspired Tassel Necklace

By 2/18/2015 01:59:00 PM , , ,

Hi everyone! Today I'll be posting an Anthro-inspired DIY tutorial, which are common during these days...

Yesterday day I visited Anthropologie's site and I saw this for $48:

Hedda Tassel Necklace by MADE
It seem to be so simple and easy to make so I gave a try. It's primarily made of leather, but I didn't had leather at home so I opted for another fabric.


Fabric (I chose cotton)
Saffron colored thread or golden colored wire
Gold Chain
A paint brush or something else for supporting the tassel

How to make:

1. Roll up some fabric. Fold it in half and tie to a paintbrush or something else with the thread or the wire.

2. Cut the excess and cut fringes in the roll. Neatly cut the rough and raw threads.

3. I prefer to make it look a little rough so I did not cut off all the threads. There you go, it's ready!

I did this just for fun, It could have looked more fine if I made it seriously :D Well it is at least fine to be worn, because the threads aren't visible from far away... It will look better if leather is used. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!

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